Sunday, April 19, 2015

some times

Some time we fall in love, some time we get angry and we start to hate, some time we feel hungry
and sometime we felled up, some time we get rich and some other time we become poor, and many time we are in the grayscale between the two points.
Myself some time i feel I am a dreamer but in another time I become realistic.
I think I like this sometime story I am telling now to you , I am enjoying it, I hope you will be patient with me .
Sometime I become very good muslim and I should follow what Mohammed told us to do , pray , fast ..and some time I see a video in youtube for atheist and mention things about mohammed and I feel he is true or right  , some time I want to make love with dark woman , but some time if I had the option also I would like to make love with blond white woman , some time I like woman with hijab and sometime I like woman  in taksim specially when I see all these tits and butts around me , but you know what , also another time ( sometime again) I said I should choose a virgin woman , not been used , clean and clear from past man experience and ……….. , but I return back and I see sexy woman almost naked and I said waw , I want from this a bite , and again the many times ( divided to many sometimes ) I want mix , or most likely in the grayscale  between the two points .
We all change and the change could happened in a second, and when we changed , the internal world become different and then the way we look at the outside world become also different , we see things in another way , with a new angle .
As an artist have allot of sensitivity to visual world around me, my internal thought effect my work, and because of that I produce a different type of work, some art critic (some of them artist friends and some of them is myself, I struggle with myself …again sometimes) why I change my style of work, my painting are not the same? I found the answer is simply that I am a life , I see the world and interact with it all the time so it’s normal that I get changed , especially in this time of live with all this different media and sources , then I discover that every moment of my live has a new experience . we are not the same person who was before one second ago .
Art exhibition for artist should reflect his philosophy , the way he see the world , and because of that it would be not true good achievement if make all his painting with same feeling , it should talk about different moment of his life , the life he live .

Ezzitten shahrori

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